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We would like to introduce a new initiative, lauched this year: the International Road Maintenance Day, the IRMD, hashtag #IRMD2018, coordinated by Asefma.

The idea is quite simple: to highlight on every first Thursday of April, starting on April 5th 2018, that road maintenance should be recalled and recognized. This world, as we know it, would not exist without roads, and roads need to be maintained properly, each year. The motto of the 2018 edition aims at avoiding the most commonly used arguments to justify the need for conservation. It does not mention road safety, nor heritage value or comfort. This year’s motto is “Maintaining roads is protecting the environment”.

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The objective is to achieve that on this day the whole world talks about road maintenance and its impact on the environment. A poorly maintained road causes an increase in fuel consumption and, as a consequence, an increase of CO2 emissions.

We have already received confirmation of participation by ZAS (the equivalent of Asefma in Slovenia), Routes de France (the former French USIRF), ERF (the European Road Federation), and we are awaiting Eurobitume and other European organisations. As far as America is concerned, we can already confirm that amongst others the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina and Brazil will join the initiative.

A poorly maintained road causes an increase in fuel consumption and, as a consequence, an increase of CO2 emissions

Asefma has developed an informative website, both in English and in Spanish, to offer general information about the day, scheduled events in each participating country, resources for the media (press releases of all participating organisations, promotional material, etc.), information of planned events (type of event, place of celebration, working language), a map with countries joining the celebration, information as how to participate, the option of including events that organisations/companies are planning to celebrate, space for statements of prominent personalities of our sector, space for logos of organisations that sponsor/celebrate the event, access to network information, etc.

The hashtag for this year’s event is #IRMD2018. The accounts of Twitter @IRMD2018 and Facebook roadmaintenanceday haver already been activated to upload initiatives and disseminate the event.

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All events in the different countries will be scheduled on the same day. This year, we will celebrate it on April 5th, and each and every one will be included and coordinated on the website with an overall programming.

In Spain we will organise a breakfast meeting of about two hours with journalists, users and politicians, prominent personalities and associations of our sector. It will be broadcast via HD streaming with interruptions to connect with other international events to follow how sessions are being developed in different countries.

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Amongst the initiatives, we highlight the following:

  • #IRMDFriends for those who send more tan 5 tweets with hashtag #IRMD2018 or for those who upload a post on the event’s official website
  • #IRMDMedia for all magazines in the road sector, financial press, local press, national press or media that publish or disseminate the initiative #IRMD2018
  • #IRMDSponsor for those companies or organisations sponsoring in each country the events IRMD organised on April 5th
  • #IRMDPartners for any other organisation, other tan any of the aforementioned categories, that help distribute #IRMD2018
  • A competition de photos and/or news and/or posts on the blog about road maintenance and environment
  • A 24-hour follow-up of the event via Twitter, hashtag #IRMD2018 


    Would you like to help us to develop this initiative? Thank you in advance.